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Illustration and Comics are my passion...

This is my house, feel free


About me


Another Testamet

Royal blood

It's a WebComics I've been working on since 2016.
It's a fortune that begins in the world called EXIERN, is a story of warrior, magicians, and monsters worth checking out.
Written by Scott T. Hicken
with art by Antipus

It's a WebComics, my personal project.
will be released on 12/05
Written and drawn
by Antonio Luis Antipus

Graphic Novel by Canadian Author who tells the story of King james and his adventures,

Sheduled to be released in 2019

About me

Digital Art

-Tonal Black and White Drawings $140

-One Character sample background colours $ 200

-Extra Character $25

I accept Paypal, and I am happy to
discuss other payment options if there is
another method you would prefer.

Not erotique or nude art

Feel free to ask any questions.

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Fascinating, Enchanting, Exciting

Another Testament is a WebComics that brings the history of ancient Hebrews recorded in the canons and apocryphal scriptures, it addresses aspects of the culture and faith of this people in the non-religious view, but of the belief in a Creator and his teachings through known men as Prophets and Patriarchs of the nation.

Hi guys, illustration and comics are my passion, I live in Brazil and I’m the father of a very clever Little Boy and I love my family.
I’m a comics and illustration professional since 2014. Currently, I work as a freelancer and on a personal project.
I really like American Comics and European Comics, I believe that my work is influenced by both, but I have a special passion for Franco-Belgian comics, which I believe is reflected directly in my work.
My biggest professional influences, are great faces of Comics, BD, some concept artist and Illustrators…
That’s it

Thank you all and don't forget to follow the news.