A WebComics that brings the history of
ancient men and Gods,
recorded for the most part in
and most recent in apocryphal writings.

Belief in a Creator is the basis of all the
mythological legends of the lost ages.

Fascinating, Enchanting, Exciting

Are you ready for this?

Read on the Legacy of the Watchers

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About me

It's a WebComics I've been working on since 2016.
It's a fortune that begins in the world called EXIERN, is a story of warrior, magicians, and monsters worth checking out.
Written by Scott T. Hicken

The comic updates Mondays.

Please check out the Archive to enjoy the earlier adventures of Typh and Peonie!

Exiern contains mature themes and is best for readers 18+.


"Illustration and Comics are my Passion!"

Who am I?

My name is Antiono Antipus, I'm an illustrator and comic artist.
I like to draw from a child, I've always been moved by the desire...

Like every Artist I have goals to achieve, desires to be overcome.
Every day I get up and I continue in the fight, to draw is my passion,
I want to share with the world my work.

I am self-taught and still on the path of learning, in fact
I think I will never leave it.

My inspirational phrase is;
"What we persist in doing becomes easier,
not because the task itself has become easier,
but because our ability to do it has been perfected."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Family Man

I live in Brazil, I work from home
to be closer to my family.
I’m Father of two very clever Little Boys.
I love them.

Professional since 2014

Currently, I work as a freelancer and on a personal project.
I really like American Comics and European Comics, I believe that my work is influenced by both, but I have a special passion for Franco-Belgian comics, which I believe is reflected directly in my work.
My biggest professional influences, are great faces of Comics, BD, some concept artist and Illustrators…

"I hope you like what you see here, if you want to express,
your opinion will be welcome, feel free to send me an email,
Thank you, I hope this experience is pleasant,
Success to all."